Evidently it’s obvious that you want to know how secure and resilient your cyberinfrastructure really is and for that reason alone we offer a cyberstress test. The cyberstress test is based on extensive experience protecting the  most sensitive networks in the world (intelligence agencies) and quantifies an organization’s security risk across five categories.

  • Program Governance
  • Security Organization
  • Policies and Standards
  • Technical Security
  • Mitigation Procedures 

The overall and category risk scores generated by the Cyber Stress Test provide a pragmatic benchmark and actionable intelligence for determining an organization cyber security preparedness including areas that need strengthening against threats. We use a riskbased instrument to implement the cyber stress evaluations. It present users with an accurate, confidential and comprensive secure survey of 80 questions that require a simple yes, no or don’t know answers. 

It is recommendable that organizations take the stress test before they fall victim to a cyber-attack, or to regulator who tests them before they test themselves.

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