Evidantly offers awareness, development and simulation programs for customers and covers the full range of cybersecurity, business and IT risks, compliancy and governance.

We believe that awareness is the first step of understanding the cyberrisks that are involved. Organizations faces many threats coming from all directions and from many sources, therefore its important to address and know the risks and develop a ‘gameplan’. 

Organizations can no longer ignore the dangers coming from hackers that are political motivated or state sponsered, but also coming from the internal organization.

Awareness programs are designed to change mindsets and make people act more effectively once they know the risks and their responsibilty to act. Its in a way a business enabler that manages risk more effective.



The disruption that  internet has caused and our dependance on it makes it a tough challenge to keep up, because the changes and threats are coming rapidly.

Enhancing security awareness is more than a paper policy and off training its changing mindsets and changing behaviour is a daunting task.

EVIDANTLY programs are designed by highly skilled professionals with a solid background in businessconsultancy, information security and psychology.


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