The RET is Rotterdams public transport company and has a 100 year history in public transport. It was founded in 1878 called Rotterdamsche Tramweg Maatschappij (RTM). The first horsetram was in service in 1879. When the electricaltram got deployed a new company was founded called the RETM. Today the RET has more then 3000 employees and is a landmark in citytransport.



The RET needed a overall security program and at the start of 2016 we were in the lead of this program. When we first started we had little support regarding security and privacy, we steadily progressed and gained traction


Board, CFO, Business Directors, Manager ICT 



At the beginning of 2016 a law came into effect called; meldplicht datalekken. This is a law to make sure that companies who experience a serious breach (dataleak) informs the authority personsinformation. Because this was a new law we had to design and implement a new process. We also had to make sure the organization knows what to do in case of a dataleak. So we designed a awarenesscampagne. When this was done I started with a baseline and the review of the informationsecurity policy.  


  • Security and Incidentmanagement Monitoring implemented SIEM
  • Establishing a baseline
  • Periodic risk assessment and reporting
  • Security and privacy by design implemented
  • Updated Informationsecurity policy
  • Awareness has gained
  • Maturity went from 1,5 to 2,5 ( measured in one year)
  • Vulnerabilitymanagement implemented






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