Digitalcrime can be disruptive and ultimately challenging for your security and IT department. We at Evidantly are specialized in IR and for us its business as usual.  Ultimately its comes down to organizations that have been hacked and organizations that will be hacked. Many organizations are unprepared and when a serious breach happens and they often watch powerless and try to understand what happened. Organizations in certain branches often think they would not easily become a target. We have the knowledge of the process, technology and skiled people to review and simulate your IR readiness. One of our specialties is designing response strategies.

We are experienced in managing and resolving crisis and stand vast to assist you and your management. We can work in accordance with your managementteam and systematically resolve whatever the problem.


When you suspect a digital crime, it is important that you follow a certain protocol, that you have in advance because time is of the essence

  • Prioritize
  • Power on! Leave all your IT assets energized
  • When possible reproduce, reinstall and don’t turn off your servers
  • When in doubt please stay calm, observe, orient and then decide to act

You can contact us  and we will respond accordingly and assess whats in your best interest.  The response team will react within a certain timeframe  at your location or remotely. This service is offered by subscription, but of course if you don’t have a subscription we will respond. 


We first have to reach an understanding of the business priorities, Do you want to become operational as soon as possible, or is the collection of  the first important evidence . Would you like the professionals of Evidantly IRT to take the lead, or should they work with your own capable crisis? Your priority and demands determines our approach and the means we use to solve  your crisis. We work based on facts and keyfindings and we will coordinate our approach with your organization and law enforcement agencies. 


Communication and transparency is important and we will  inform you every step we take and of the  progress  resolving the incident. 

Our Cybersecurity devision can deliver next to the depolyment of IRT complementary cyberservices to support and enhance your management, For example digital forensics, rushed pent-testing of critical systems and increased safety surveillance during the incident. 

  • Datarecovery after incidents such as DDoS or coordinated attacks on your servers.
  • Security surveillance in emergency situations, when a series of incidents or increased risk.
  • Threat analysis
  • Intelligence gathering, through small sensors on your network and key assets
  • In this way, our security team protects your business against renewed attacks, or set a trap for a repeat offender.
  • Digital forensics and storage of digital evidence.   

More information? Please contact us.